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I am running for Governor to create a more prosperous and harmonious community where every Rhode Island family can not only survive, but thrive!

As Governor, first and foremost, it will be my job to protect every Rhode Islander’s civil rights. These include, but are not limited to, the rights to life, liberty, self-determination, and bodily autonomy.

On November 8th, vote for the candidate who, when elected, will issue a pardon to all inmates with non-violent drug convictions.

Vote for Elijah Gizzarelli!


The drug war is an economic disaster and a humanitarian crisis that must end NOW!

We currently have people imprisoned at the Adult Correctional Institutions (ACI) who have never hurt or stolen from anybody; their only crime was possessing a substance the government decided they shouldn’t be allowed to have. We must respect the choices people make regarding their own bodies. That includes what they choose to put into their bodies.

We have taken Rhode Islanders struggling with addiction out of their communities, out of their jobs, and away from their families. Children are being separated from their mothers and fathers. Families are being destroyed. Households often lose a source of income they were relying on, forcing them onto taxpayer-funded welfare programs.

Rhode Island spends the 5th most in the US on incarceration per inmate per year. We pay $50,000 per year to imprison each inmate when the average Rhode Islander only makes $35,000 per year.

How is it more expensive to be an inmate in Rhode Island than to be a free resident?

Taxpayers foot the bill to prosecute the drug war. Public defenders, judges, prosecutors, and police all waste time and money taking these innocent people away from their families. These public servants’ time would be much better spent focusing on keeping Rhode Islanders safe from violent criminals.

Drug addiction should be treated as a mental health issue and not as a crime. The drug war is a proven failure, an economic disaster, and a humanitarian crisis.

We can end it, RIGHT NOW! 

Once elected Governor, on day one I will issue a pardon to all inmates with non-violent drug convictions. We will send them back home to their families with a heartfelt apology.

Bring Back Flavored Vapes!

Rhode Island is one of only four states that have banned flavored vapes. Nobody should have the right to tell you what you can put into your own body! This goes back to bodily autonomy, but it’s more than that. This is an economic blunder! Rhode Island vapers now travel into Connecticut to buy their flavored vapes. During the trip, they spend their money, not just on vapes, but at restaurants, shopping malls, and casinos. So not only is the ban an inconvenience for vapers living in Rhode Island,  it’s damaging to all kinds of Rhode Island based businesses.

We must fight the corrupted two-party system!

The Libertarian Party is the third largest political party in the country, yet we are not officially recognized by the state of Rhode Island as an “official” party. In order to become a recognized party in the state of Rhode Island, we must run a candidate for Governor, who must receive 5% of the vote to qualify us for automatic ballot placement for the next four years. 

That’s right, if we can convince just one in twenty voters to vote for Elijah for governor, we establish a viable alternative to our current failed system. 

This is a perfect opportunity to vote your conscience and vote for the best candidate.

Don’t waste your vote on the two old parties this election. Help us fight back against politics as usual and take the seat at the table that we have rightfully earned. Your vote for Gizzarelli on November 8th will change the political landscape in Rhode Island forever.

Create an economy that works for everyone!

Rhode Island’s current political leadership claim they champion policies to help the poor and that they will make corporations and millionaires “pay their fair share.” Yet, in the past two years we’ve witnessed the largest transfer of wealth in history from the lower classes to the upper classes, cheered-on by both sides of the aisle.

Governors Raimondo and McKee each forced Rhode Island small businesses to close and made sure everybody had no choice but to spend their money at large corporations – which were exempted from the COVID-19 restrictions that shuttered their smaller competition. As working-class Rhode Islanders try and manage unaffordable gas prices and the steadily increasing cost of living, our tone deaf leadership is prioritizing electric cars and zero-emission leaf blowers.

The best way for the government to help small business in Rhode Island is to get out of the way. As Governor, I will direct all departments under my control to eliminate burdensome regulations to ease prices and make doing business in Rhode Island as easy as possible.

The Change Our State Needs

About Elijah

Elijah Jon Gizzarelli is a born and raised Rhode Islander. The middle child of seven, born to a single mother, his mom taught him much more than just how to work hard. She taught him that no matter how little you have in this life, you can always do good for others.

He graduated from Cranston West and went on to serve in the US Army as a translator for five years and then continued his service in the Army National Guard for an additional year and a half. Since serving, he has done everything: from door to door sales to home renovations. But, through it all, political activism has been his passion for most of his life.  He has traveled the country doing the greatest good he can think to do: fighting for a more prosperous, harmonious, and peaceful world where everybody’s rights are protected and respected.

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